Ebike Dakota

Feel the connection between the bike and nature, no matter how wild or rugged the terrain is, with our Dakota Ebike you will master the situation and avoid all the obstacles. Every element of this Ebike is designed to take you further, the reliable 350W engine makes every pedal stroke enjoyable.
We help you on the climbs and make your descents more fun with state-of-the-art components, highlighting the battery which has a capacity of 840 Wh, being one of the largest on the market. No ground can resist the 27.5-inch wheels that give the Dakota greater traction and stability.

Ebike Dakota

For nature lovers, for adventurers, for unconventionals, for those who want to improve themselves or for those who want to enjoy endless possibilities, Dakota is the E-MTB that represents the fusion between power, autonomy and functionality.

Master all the paths thanks to its performance and advanced technology that will make your cycling trips more fun.




Time Price
1 hour 15 €
4 hours 30 €
8 hours 45 €
3 days 120 €
7 days 215 €
Bail 70 €

For any other request please contact us.

General conditions for the rental of bicycles

  1. The lessee shall use the vehicle of this contract solely and exclusively to the individual or during the tour of the guide. Its use for any other purpose is prohibited. The improper use of the EBIKE as well as the non-compliance with the traffic regulations will be solely the responsibility of the driver subject to this rental agreement, ECOEFUN S.L. being exempt of any imprudence that the driver could cause during the validity of this contract.
  2. USE: The lessee is prohibited to transfer, rent, or sublet the vehicle of this contract in whole or in part to third parties, ECOEFUN S.L. reserving the right to terminate this contract.
  3. ECOEFUN S.L. Will not be responsible in any case of any other person a part of this contract. The EBIKES from ECOEFUN S.L. are delivered completely revised and in perfect state of maintenance so the Lessee has the obligation to return to ECOEFUN S.L. the EBIKE in the same state that has been delivered to him. Any damage that may occur will be paid by the Lessee and will be charged the guarantee of this contract. In case of loss of the EBIKE or any other items rented during the duration of this contract, the Lessee shall be obliged to pay ECOEFUN S.L. 100% of its total value within 48 hours.
  4. PRICE: The agreed price for the EBIKE will be: 1H = 10€; 4H = 20€; 8H/ONE DAY = 35€. Such amount wille be charged handover of the EBIKE and signature of this documentt by the Lessee.
  5. ROADS: ECOEFUN S.L. Doesn’t allow the use with the EBIKE on MOTORWAYS or HIGHWAYS. Its use is limited exclusively to conventional ways and places allowed for this type of vehicle. ECOEFUN S.L. Shall not be responsible for misuse or breach of this clause.
  6. The Lessee declares that the EBIKE is handed out in perfect state of conservation and operation, with its padlock property, and its helmet.
  7. Its the obligation of ECOEFUN S.L. to clean the EBIKE, as well as the revision of the liquids , the battery, lights, indicators, brakes and wheels for proper daily operation.
  8. Any damage or breakage that occurs during the term of this contract, the EBIKE must be repaired or replaced by the Lesse.
  9. The traffic violations, accidents and collisions committed by the Lessee and corresponding to the EBIKE shall be the responsibility of the Lessee.
  10. The Lessee will leave a deposit of 70€ as a guarantee and bond to respond to the integrity of the EBIKE which will be returned to the Lessee at the end of the contract, after verification of its good conservation and use of the EBIKE. ECOEFUN S.L. is not required to pay any interest on this money.
  11. ECOEFUN S.L. reserves the right to terminate this contract due to the breach of any of the above clauses by the Lessee.
  12. ECOEFUN S.L. reserves the right to terminate this contract if detects a use of drug or alcohol.
  13. ECOEFUN S.L. reserves the right to invoice in case of being late, 1€ per minute for example: 10 MINUTES = 10€, 20 MINUTES = 20€…