About us

We are a French couple in love with nature.
After many years of a stressful life dedicated to productivity,
we have decided that together, we wanted to change our lives
and enjoy nature that is essential to our well-being!

Spain has always had a special place in our hearts. Three years ago, while touring the area of Andalusia, we were enamoured with la Costa de la Luz because of its preserved nature, its beaches with wild coves and its protected natural parks.
In Andalusia, we fell in love with the traditions, the gastronomy, the relaxed way of life, the generosity and friendliness of the locals.

Less busy than the Mediterranean coast and much better preserved, the Atlantic coast of Andalusia is full of wonderful surprises for people who love nature, historic villages and delicious food!!!

So, we are inviting you to come and discover these magical surroundings using an innovative, silent and nature-friendly mode of transport.

For a breathtaking, unique and innovative experience while exploring the Costa de la Luz.